Summer is a wonderful time to enjoy shopping, dining, and the wonderful sights in Glenside, Montgomery County PA
Events in Glenside at the Keswick Theater in Montgomery County, PA
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Events in Glenside, Montgomery County, PA
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Things to do in Glenside, Montgomery County, PA
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Glenside, Montgomery County PA

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You can TRACK THE SOLAR ECLIPSE to the exact time and view the exact percent coverage in your location - provided by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. You might want to attend the ECLIPSE VIEWING PARTIES at Grundy Library in Bristol or at Bucks County Community College - Newtown Campus
DO NOT LOOK AT THE ECLIPSE WITHOUT ISO-CERTIFIED GLASSES OR YOU CAN HAVE PERMANENT EYE DAMAGE. Pets should be kept indoors during the eclipse for the same reason (unless they like to wear glasses).

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